O glorious Saint Joseph, example of rectitude, strength and humility, we turn to you in our quest to become better fathers and husbands. We know that we face an ever-changing society where the roles of men and women have been misrepresented, resulting in confusion and overload for many.

We ask you, dear Saint Joseph, to intercede for us with God, so that we can rediscover and strengthen our identity as men, fathers and husbands, and thus restore harmony in our homes.

Help us to understand our responsibility in the family, to protect, love, support and educate our children in the way of the Lord. Grant us the wisdom to be spiritual leaders in our homes, just as you did alongside Mary and Jesus.

Teach us to exercise our virility and authority with respect, love and humility, without letting ourselves be dominated by pride, selfishness or violence. May we mirror ourselves in your example and act with justice, compassion and mercy.

Enlighten our wives, O Saint Joseph, so that together we can build solid families, based on the love and fear of the Lord. May we be partners and allies, respecting and valuing the dignity and contribution of each one.

Finally, we ask you, Saint Joseph, to help us create a more just and fraternal society, where men and women can complement and collaborate for the good of all, according to God’s will.